Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Want a simple style for a TWA???

When wearing a twa there are not many styles to wear....there are basically the twist outs, braid outs, fro hawks, washing and go's, twists, and few others.

Right now my hair is in an awkward stage.....the length of the my hair is awkward and there is not much I can do with.....I would love to do pin ups but my hair is not long enough.....but ONE DAY I will get there :D.

The style in the picture above and below was a braid out....but ended up as a twist I do not know how that happened....but in the front I decided to keep some twist in and I pinned those down with bobby pins. I was playing around with my hair and I thought this was a cute and simple style.

Do you like simple but cute styles? Are there any TWA ladies out there?


  1. When I first went natural, I never rocked my TWA. But, last year I decided to rock my hair in the form of a TWA. My hair shrinks a lot when drenched. I worn it in a TWA form most of Summer days last year. I love my hair in TWA.

    Yours look lovely. I like the twists in front; very cute! :)

    1. I have a feeling when my hair grows out I will miss my twa....right now my haor is in an awkward length...and it looks funny in a fro to me.